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Basic Items to Get You Back on the Road Quickly

A roadside emergency can happen at any time, whether your car is new or old. A range of problems can cause it, from a tire failure or mechanical breakdown to running out of fuel. At best, it’s an annoyance; at worst, it can compromise your

Preparing and Surviving An Earthquake

When plates of the earth’s crust suddenly slip past other adjacent, corresponding planes, earthquakes occur. This differs from the normal action of the earth’s plates or tectonic plates because these plates normally slide at a constant rate and slip smoothly past each other very slowly.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Cure All with Emergency and Medical Benefits

Hydrogen peroxide or more commonly just called Peroxide has an extensive list of household, medicinal and industrial uses.  Hydrogen peroxide is an odorless and colorless liquid very similar to water but has a distinctive bleach-like aftertaste.٭ It is easily available over the counter at stores,

Best Books for Preppers and Survivalists

One of the most important factors for success in any field is information and Suvival is no different.  Based on this fact we started that we start our blog by including a list of books which we think every investor should have and read.