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Best Books for Preppers and Survivalists

One of the most important factors for success in any field is information and Suvival is no different.  Based on this fact we started that we start our blog by including a list of books which we think every investor should have and read.


Lofty Wiseman is a British author and survival consultant. He is the former member of the Special Air Services. This latest edition is the ultimate guide to surviving anywhere and is updated with a lot of new material. The books discusses many topics including essentials for survivals, acquiring food and monitoring climate and terrain. Staying healthy is another topic that is extensively discussed in this book. This should be a core addition to your library.



Another great book written by an experienced hand.  David Canterbury is an experienced survival expert.  This book included advice on backcountry travel and survival.  He discusses Tools, Cordage, Cooking, Navigation, Trapping Game and additional topics important for surviving on your own.




The reality is that if you want to survive you cannot do it alone.  You will need other people for support skill and sanity (at times).  By being part of a group you dramatically increase your odds of survival.




There is nothing worse than getting injured and not know how to handle most types of first aid emergency. This authoritative guidebook is based on course materials used by Red Cross chapters all across the US. You should take advantage of same level of expertise and knowledge used by this fine organization for your own survival.




We cannot emphasize how important medical care is in case of survival.  This book goes one step further than the American Red Cross First Aid book.  The authors are Joe Alton, M.D. and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P., the premiere medical preparedness professionals.




To live you need to eat. This is first of two books which we would recommend for identifying naturally growing food which you can eat.  The books is full of color photos (not just for kids but) to make it easy to identify and compare similar plants and be able to select the right one.  The book goes through demonstrating edible parts of the plant/fruit and their proper harvesting stage.




This book includes information on fishing and hunting small animals to survive.

Above is what we believe is a good set of books for a person who is starting out and we believe it will take you a step further than that.  We always appreciate comments from our readers, so if you find books which are better suited to be included in this list please let us know and we will add those to the list.

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