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Daily Archives: August 5, 2018

Cold Weather Survival

Surviving cold weather conditions is the stuff of which whole books are written and movies are made. Even highly trained deep wilderness experts have been lost to the overwhelming and unrelenting power of sheer cold. As well, some of the most famous stories of our

First Aid Kits

A first aid kit should be able to help you respond to common accidents and emergencies such as falls, allergies, animal bites and more.  Not only should one keep a first aid kit for home use but one should have an extra one for their

How to Prepare for and Survive a Hurricane

Hurricanes are tropical cyclones with maximum sustained winds of more than 74 miles per hour. Tropical cyclones with maximum sustained winds of more than 39 miles per hour but below the hurricane threshold are termed tropical storms. Those that are less than 39 miles per

Surviving Public Shootouts

The question of a public shootout has become a more pressing one over the past few years. School shootings seem to occur on an almost weekly basis, and gang violence in cities can touch off shootings in urban areas. There is also a decades-long history

Packing a Bug Out Bag

Preparation is the key to surviving any type of disaster, and most people have begun to realize the importance of keeping a supply of food and water on hand for emergency situations. Yet, it is important to understand that many survival situations may require you

Eating Insects for Survival

Many of us would pass-up an opportunity to eat insects, especially as part of our daily consumption. I shiver at the thought of ever having to eat bugs. Bugs do not appeal to many as the ideal meal. Most Americans feel eating insects is disgusting,

Guide to Magnetic Compass

Deserts, seas, jungles and mountain passes are a challenge to navigate when you are lost and wherever you look it is the same scenery.  These environments are infamous for testing the human spirit.  Challenges here are not only dealing with dangerous large and small animals

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When the Lights go out – Surviving Blackouts

Practically everyone is going to experience at least one blackout in their lifetime. We all hope that these situations will be short-lived and do not cause any major issues, but it is always important to prepare for the worst. A large-scale power outage can result